25 July 1945

Dinton, Wiltshire
25 July 1945

Dear Mom,

I have your letters of the 9th, 16th, and 18th
before me. Received letters from Mrs. Cox and Bro.
Shelton a couple of days ago. I’ll write to him in
a few days …

16 July 1945

Dinton, Wilts

Dear Dad,

I think that I told Mom I would write
to you Saturday, but I didn’t get around
to it. I worked in the kitchen yesterday. There
are five different jobs as K.P. – dining
rooms, kitchen, …

27 May 1945

Dear Family,

I have received Mildred’s two letters of the 15th,
Mom’s letter of the 16th, and the package. Thanks
for everything. You all know what my movements
were in the States, but I’ll run over them to make
the …

24 May 1945

24 May 1945
Dear Mom,

Yes, it did used to seem like we
could talk to each other easy. I’m
glad we can still do it. Was very
happy to hear that your operation
was not as serious as you first thought.
Hope …

19 May 1945

Dear Dad,

I don’t remember having heard
about your beef project. With an
experienced man like Garland to help,
you should do pretty good. Sorry to
hear that “Old Bess” didn’t do so good. Under
the circumstances I imagine a …

Your Day [May 13, 1945]

[letter written immediately following VE Day]

Dear Mom,

I have started a letter to you every
day for six days and I haven’t finished
one yet. I’m trying to finish this
before church as our section is having
a …

25 April 1945


To: Mrs. M. M. Grayson
Route #1
Tyler, Texas

From: Cpl L. E. Grayson 18098958
Sec. 1, 4th B.A.D., A.P.O. 635
c/o PM, N.Y., N.Y.

Dear Mom,

You write that Dad is working too hard, but from all
I …

28 March 1945


Route #1
Tyler, Texas

From: Cpl L. E. GRAYSON 18098958
Sec. 1, 4th BAD, APO 635
c/o PM, N.Y., N.Y.

Dear Dad,

I saw a sight for sore eyes yesterday – two American
locomotives! …

24 March 1945

Dear Mom,

I was recalled to the necessity of
writing by the letter from you and Dad
yesterday. Little mail, work, and the war
in general make letter-writing seem
unimportant. Of course, when I stopped
to think, I realized that …

December 31, 1944


Route #1
Tyler, Texas

Section 1, 4th B.A.D.APO635
c/o Postmaster, N.Y.,N.Y.

December 31, 1944

Dear Mom,

I have suddenly realized that it has been two weeks since I…