25 April 1945


To: Mrs. M. M. Grayson
Route #1
Tyler, Texas

From: Cpl L. E. Grayson 18098958
Sec. 1, 4th B.A.D., A.P.O. 635
c/o PM, N.Y., N.Y.

Dear Mom,

You write that Dad is working too hard, but from all
I hear, you are the one that is working too much. Just don’t
do it; make those kids help you more.

Yes, I still go to church regularly. I haven’t been sending
the bulletin, because I’ve been writing V-mail a good bit. The
air mail has started coming thru better now, so I’ll start
writing air mail again. I’ve noticed a good bit in
the Stars and Stripes about the floods in that part of Tex. and La.

I went to London on pass last week. I’ll write about
it to Gar tomorrow or the next day. I want to congratulate
him on his success with the calf. I had a very good time.

Mom, do you have the pictures of Mildred and I when we
graduated? As I remember that gown made me look a
little tall. If you would send the bunch we took then,
I’m sure the fellows would get a good laugh from them.
I’ll take care of them.