24 March 1945

Dear Mom,

I was recalled to the necessity of
writing by the letter from you and Dad
yesterday. Little mail, work, and the war
in general make letter-writing seem
unimportant. Of course, when I stopped
to think, I realized that it is very important.

I received the slide rule, books, and
candy some time ago. Thanks very much.
I don’t intend to make a thorough study on
either subject. I’ll keep it in mind
just enough, so that I can pick up where
I left off.

I have just been examining Bro. Thompson’s
proposed budget again. It looks pretty
good. I notice though that the largest single item
is the minister’s salary. It strikes one that
we’re paying our preacher pretty good.
He is drawing about one sixth or
two months of our annual contribution.
However, I guess that he is earning it.

I notice on one of your notes here
that you said “The Lily of the Valley” was a
beautiful song. I don’t remember singing
that. Did we ever sing it while I was
there? I have been surprised at different
stations with songs that were favorites
at home being favorites in the Army too.
Somehow I expected to hear more songs
new to me. Only last Sunday we sang
[writing switches from pen to pencil]
“Yield Not to Temptation”, “Blessed Assurance”,
and “Rock of Ages”. – Dropped my pen on the
floor and broke the point. I can get a new one
in town next week.

I wouldn’t worry about Melvin working
on Sundays. It is just a war-time job and
it won’t last too much longer. And the
money that he is making now will
help him a lot when he starts to college.

I was glad to hear that C.B.
and his wife visited there. Also, that
Mildred went home to see them.
Mom, I wish that you would take time to
write Mildred more. She probably needs
mail as much as I do. I guess that of
the three of us, I’ve been getting more
mail and writing less; but I’ll try to
change that now.

I think the pictures are very good.
What kind of camera were they taken
with? I’ll bet that I’ll have trouble
recognizing any of the stock by the
time I get home. Tell Bertie Jo that
she looks like a big doll. And that she
should be packed in a box and sent overseas
to her big brother.

Give Mary and “all the rest” my love
when you see them.

Will write more often.