28 March 1945


Route #1
Tyler, Texas

From: Cpl L. E. GRAYSON 18098958
Sec. 1, 4th BAD, APO 635
c/o PM, N.Y., N.Y.

Dear Dad,

I saw a sight for sore eyes yesterday – two American
locomotives! They were about the size of our switch engines,
but they’re as big as any English engine I’ve seen. The English
are little but fast. The “Scots Flyer” from London to Edinburgh is
supposed to be one of the fastest in the world. I rode on it in
November when I went on furlough. It traveled, all right.

Was surprised to hear that Gar was working at the Camp.
I think that Garland is too young to be working at an Army camp.
He would be better off taking care of his calf.

The new roundhouse should be finished by the time I get back.
I agree with you that Labor has done a job to be proud of. I noticed
in “The Stars and Stripes” recently that only 1/10 of 1% of manhours was
lost because of strikes. That is very good.

I remember that you said once that I would look back
on the Miami Beach days as the good old days. You were
right as usual. Even the days of K.P. and other details
would be O.K. now.

Will write more often.