16 July 1945

Dinton, Wilts

Dear Dad,

I think that I told Mom I would write
to you Saturday, but I didn’t get around
to it. I worked in the kitchen yesterday. There
are five different jobs as K.P. – dining
rooms, kitchen, coffee, pots and pans, and
garbage. Men in the dining room keep
the tables and floor clean. The kitchen
men scrub the floor twice a day,
serve on the line at mealtimes, and anything
else a cook wants done. The coffee man
takes care of the serving line and serves
the coffee (or tea). The men on pots and pans
scrub all of them. The garbage man
keeps clean hot water to wash the mess
kits in and keeps the garbage rack clean.
None of the jobs are extra hard, but
the long hours (4:40 till 6:30) we gripe

Am sending a page out of a recent “Yank”
magazine1. Pictures of some of the boys
I see every day. The paper work for each
truck is made up in our office.
They live down the road about half a mile
on the same site as the officers. We’ve
never had any trouble between white
and colored at all. They have a pretty
good soft-ball team, but our section
beat them.

Speaking of sections I forgot to tell
Mom that my address has changed
slightly – Supply Division instead of Sec. 1.

I hope that you’re still(?) having a
good time.

Love to all,

1 That page from “Yank” magazine not found in the letter box, unfortunately.