This site’s simple purpose is to publish the transcriptions of a small box of old letters found at my dad’s house a few years ago. There are 30 or so, mostly letters he wrote home between 1944 and 1946, while he was stationed in England with the U.S. Army. There are also some later ones sent to him from friends, and a few printed items that he kept from that time. I plan to publish about one new letter here each week.

Spoiler: these are simple, down-to-earth letters home. Since I’m posting them gradually, it may seem like some serial work of fiction being built up. But there aren’t any plot twists, gripping battle scenes, or shocking secrets revealed at the end. The war ends, and he comes home. That’s all. 🙂

As I started scanning these letters, I knew I wanted to share them with other folks in my family, far and near (in distance and in relation), but I wasn’t sure how. I’m hopeful this will work all right, and perhaps seeing a slice of life from that era will be interesting to other people who never had the pleasure or honor of knowing my dad.


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Austin, TX
Sept., 2012