25 July 1945

Dinton, Wiltshire
25 July 1945

Dear Mom,

I have your letters of the 9th, 16th, and 18th
before me. Received letters from Mrs. Cox and Bro.
Shelton a couple of days ago. I’ll write to him in
a few days and tell him, what I can, about England.
I don’t know what else I could write about.

I imagine that the kids, especially Melvin, felt
grown up; traveling by themselves like that. Is
Melvin resuming his work when he gets back?
How long are they staying up there?

No, I hadn’t forgotten the pictures, and just
as I thought; the fellows laughed at the way
the gowns made me look taller. Compliments on
your daughter were very satisfactory. One of
the fellows, Edgar Schalliol of Mishawaka, Ind., said to tell
you that the only difference in me was my clothes
and hair. The fashions here demand a wool olive
drab suit and, for convenience, I comb my hair
straight back.

I was sorry to hear about Jessie’s baby.
I would have written yesterday; but I had had a
rough day and I was debating whether or not
to write to Aunt Jessie. I don’t know what to
write. I have written about two letters to them
since the baby was in the hospital. Probably she
was too busy for she didn’t answer.

No, I don’t need shoes or shirts. I’m still wearing
those same civilian shoes I wore into the Army. I’ve
had them half-soled once or twice over here. I don’t
wear them very often. The shirt I just wear on
passes. I don’t have any trouble keeping it clean.
Back to the shoes a minute, I have a pair of G.I.
shoes polished up so I can use one for a mirror.

I do need razor blades, about two dozen double-edged.
Thin Gillette or blue Gillette preferred. You can pack
them in a little fudge or peanut-butter candy if you like.

Love to all,