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23 Feb. 1946

23 Feb. 1946
Taunton, Somerset

Dear Mom,

At long last my time is approaching. The next shipment
out of here will include your son. We will go to B.A.D. #1
for processing from here. For a couple of days it …

The Education Program

[These typewritten pages detail the rollout of a new Army education program, including course listing and FAQ. It goes with the 19 May 1945 letter, in which he said, referring to this, “Slide rule and blueprint reading are the only …

10 A.M. Worship Service, May 20

[A typewritten chapel bulletin that he mailed home, or saved. Not sure if it’s from 1944 or 1945.]

10 A.M.      WORSHIP SERVICE      May 20

T/Sgt. Ernest W. Baker



Hymn  Praise Him! Praise Him.              91

Responsive Reading                         30

30 December 1945

Taunton, Somerset

Dear Dad,

In the next two days I’m trying to catch up on my letter
writing. I just about caught up on my washing this morning
leaving only a set of underwear, a pr. of socks, and a …

4 November 1945

Taunton, Somerset
4 November 1945

Dear Mom,

Arrived here Thursday noon. Started right
in by working that afternoon. We were supposed
to be in an Overseas Section just like we were at
Dinton. This base isn’t shipping much stuff
out …

Last of October

Dinton, Wiltshire
Last of October [1945]

Dear Dad,

I’ve been here nineteen months today.
By tomorrow noon I’ll be at Taunton
Somerset – about 75 miles west and a little
south of here. Address will be Sta. Comp. Sq., BAD#3,…

Postcard 1 (undated)

Pvt. Lawrence E. Grayson 18098458
912 F.G., Sqdn. 129 “Q”, AAFTC #1
Miami Beach, Fla


Sitting on my G.I. bed
My G.I. hat upon my head
My G.I. pants, my G.I. shoes
Everything free, nothing to lose
G.I. razor, …

18 Sept. 1945

Dinton, Wilts
18 Sept. 1945

Dear Mom,

Did I ever tell you about Edgar Schalliol of
Mishawaka, Indiana. He works in the same office
that I work (?) in. We’ve been going to church
together and in to Salisbury together …