Last of October

Dinton, Wiltshire
Last of October [1945]

Dear Dad,

I’ve been here nineteen months today.
By tomorrow noon I’ll be at Taunton
Somerset – about 75 miles west and a little
south of here. Address will be Sta. Comp. Sq., BAD#3,
APO 635.

I’m sending a short history of BAD#4 [coming next week].
It mentions 12,000,000 lbs. shipped in May 44, Since
then we have shipped approx. 150,000,000 lbs to the
continent and about 20,000,000 lbs to the States – an
approx. total of 85,000 tons.

As shown on the diagram [not available] the property
comes in from other bases. Receiving Dept.
tallies in the supplies. Warehouse Section
stores the supplies until their shipment
comes up. Overseas Sec (that was us) made
the DSSD’s from the tally-in’s. DSSD – Depot
Supply Shipment Data. We sent the DSSD’s
and Shipping tickets to Trans. Sec., London and the
tally-ins to 31st S.C.U. at B.A.D. 1. Transportation
Corps would send us an Operational Movement Instruction
for twenty or so DSSD’s at a time. Shipping
Dept. tallied the supplies out. We sent the
tally outs to 31st SCU each night after we had
used the information to make truck manifests
for all trks. going to Southampton. We give
each manifest the same load no. as the tally-
out for that load. Port Air Office tells Trans.
Sec. what loads go on each ship. Vessel
records are made up from tally outs and
flown to France. When the ship docks,
the port there has a full list of everything on it.

[This seems to be cut short, ending so abruptly and with no closing, but that’s all I have for this letter.]