30 December 1945

Taunton, Somerset

Dear Dad,

In the next two days I’m trying to catch up on my letter
writing. I just about caught up on my washing this morning
leaving only a set of underwear, a pr. of socks, and a suit of fatigues. Was
supposed to be on K.P. today but they woke me up yesterday
to take someone’s place.

To take up your last question first – concerning my
contact with the natives. At Dinton and Salisbury it was
practically nill. The people in that section of the country are
for the most part a cold and self-centered people. Of course,
there has always been an over-abundance of soldiers there.
Going over, all the Armored Divisions went thru’, coming back
the Infantry swept thru’. Last year I met some friendly
people, while on furlough in Edinburgh. The Scots all seem
more like real live people than the English. However
Schalliol and I met some very nice people in Torquay.
People in London are always in a hurry and there has been
an abundance of soldiers there all during the war. Those stationed
there might have the chance to meet people, but a G.I. on
pass can’t do it.

Working with the English here hasn’t improved my
general opinion of them. There are fifteen of them
in the warehouse; six of them working in (most of the time) and
out of the office. The country is beautiful, but three-
fourths of the people are dead.

How was Christmas at home? We had a merry one to
say the least. I worked Christmas Eve but not Christmas.
Our C.O. procured 14 cases of cognac for Christmas.
These dam excuses for officers served it before dinner.
Everyone took it on their empty stomachs because we realized
it would go to the Officers Mess if we didn’t. We had enough
to feel Merry all day. We (about four of us) had a quart in the
barracks that evening and a quart to take to the local pub
that night. Not enough to get us drunk but enough to
have a jolly time. We had the traditional dinner – turkey
with all the trimmings, ice cream, pumpkin pie, etc.
I suppose that we will have the same New Years.

Our address is still in an unsettled state. I wrote that
it had changed to 413. Yesterday it changed back to 635.
I wouldn’t be surprized if it changed again.

I’ll quit now and write Bert and Belle. Will try to
write home again this year.

Love to all,