Postcard 1 (undated)

Pvt. Lawrence E. Grayson 18098458
912 F.G., Sqdn. 129 “Q”, AAFTC #1
Miami Beach, Fla


Sitting on my G.I. bed
My G.I. hat upon my head
My G.I. pants, my G.I. shoes
Everything free, nothing to lose
G.I. razor, G.I. comb
G.I. wish that I were home.

They issue everything we need,
Paper to write on, books to read,
They issue food to make us grow
G.I. wish I had a furlough.

Your belt, your shoes, your G.I. tie
Everything free, nothing to buy
You eat your food on G.I. plates
Buy your needs at G.I. rates.

It’s G.I. this and G.I. that
G.I. haircut, G.I. hat
Everything here is Government Issue
G.I. wish that I could kiss you.

[This postcard has no date, and though it looks like it was written by Dad, I don’t know who it could have been sent to, since it only has his address on it. And it’s out of chronological order here, unfortunately, as it seems to have been written before he was shipped overseas (per this letter) which would have been late 1944 or early 1945.]