Dear Mom and Dad,

Received your letter of the 26th
today also a letter from Mildred. I
didn’t know until I read your letter
that Mildred had gone to Comanche.

I quoted you about the tomatoes this
afternoon. I boasted so much of Tyler
roses, that the fellows claimed there was
nothing else grown in the county. There are
a few tomatoes, berries, and peaches.

Maybe if Mildred should become
financially embarrassed in school this year,
the white face or one of the stock could
help out. I’m beginning to think
you are right about the nut – hope
so anyway.

I knew Gene, pardon me, Lt. Gene
Gables slightly when he was in
High School. Mildred knew him I think.
Too bad that Edith missed Mildred.

And Bertie Jo – Happy Birthday to you.
This will be late but your gift will be
about two or three weeks later – shortage
of materials in British Studios. A trip – that was.

Prayer of an E.T.O.1 happy G.I.

“The Sarge is my shepherd, I shall not
want. He maketh me to pick up burnt
matches; he leaded me through mud
puddles; he restoreth my step. He
guideth me on the course of obstacles
for my health’s sake. Yea, though I
walk through the valleys I must run up
hills. He anointeth my head with abuse.
Surely cadence and K.P. will follow all the
days of my life, and I shall dwell in the
hair of the sergeant forever. Amen.


1 E.T.O. – European Theater of Operations