England, 2 August 1944

Dear Folks,

Got Mom’s letter of the 9th today. It
had been missent to some other place.

Mildred, do you remember what subject
besides analyt I took in summer school?
I can’t remember for sure whether I took
two subjects or not, but I am almost
sure I did. During the year I took
English (6), Chemistry (8), M.D. (6), Eng. Prob. (2),
algebra (3), Trig (3) for a total of 28 hours.
I’ll probably have to take Chemistry over
for credit, also analyt and physics. When
I try to recall that second summer subject
(if there was one), I think of English,
history, or government. History seems
more probable, but I can’t remember
who was the teacher.

While I am on the school subject —
Did I ever pay T.J.C.1 what I owed
them? Seems like it was about
twenty bucks and I had one check
coming from them yet. I’ll have
to get straight with them; I might
want to start over again one day.

How’s everything and everybody? Is Melvin
still working out at the Camp? Is Garland
and B.J. having a good time? The dog and cows?
Dad, I don’t have a single picture of you
and only one of Mom. I wish that you
would have some made, together and
separately and send them to me.

What kind of business is Mr. Gay
in? Got a letter from Ronald Hanon [?]
today, also one from Venna dated 22nd.
Will write more later.


1 T.J.C. – Tyler Junior College