May 4, 1944

Dear Mom,

Received your letter of the 14th
and Mildred’s of the 24th and Bert’s of
the 26th today. You forgot to put the A.P.O. 149
on that Sqdn. B, Replacement Pool, 13th Replacement Control
Depot and it went to one of my former
“homes” first. My present address is as
simple a one as I’ve had. My mail
from you all has is tied up somewhere. The two
above mentioned letters were the first I
had received from you all written in April.
I received letters from Venna postmarked
the 8th, 10th, and 24th. I was beginning
to be worried about you.

I’m glad you are getting milk now. Still
you must have a surplus. Better buy a
pig or two to feed it too. I don’t feel
like it will take me many meals to finish
off a hog, when I get back – especially if he’s
ground up into sausage.

I hope the new program of the church
gets along well. Give my regards to
Mrs. Butcher when you see her. I knew Mr.
Hodges, but I doubt if he knew me. He
saw me around but he probably didn’t
know who I was. Do try to get Jeff’s
and Mr. Brooks’ addresses. I’d like to run
across some of the “folk” from Tyler. Yes,
my operation healed very good, or I couldn’t
have gone right on through basic. This
is my last sheet of paper available right
now. I’ll get some at the P.X. tomorrow, but
I’ll cut this letter a little short. I’ll
try to bum some paper to answer Mildred’s
letter tonight. For you or Mrs. Butcher –
please send some chocolate fudge, well wrapped.